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Please click here for the details of the ticket offers and prices.

You will be able to purchase single tickets starting from March 7, 2019 for all matches and categories (depending on availability at the moment of your order).

All offers and prices are detailed here.


There will be four price categories offered for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019™.

You will be able to see where each category is situated in each stadium upon booking the tickets, when choosing the said category.

For category options for Special Access Tickets , please refer to the Special Access Tickets section here.


You may apply for up to 9 tickets per match.  

You are permitted to purchase different tickets (categories, matches, venues) in one order.   

All tickets available for the purchase for the general public are exclusively available on the official ticketing website.

In addition to the different types of tickets available, it is also possible to purchase match ticket inclusive official hospitality packages on the following page.

No other websites or parties have any rights to legitimately sell tickets for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™. If you see any other website offering tickets for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ you can be certain that this is not a legitimate sales channel. Please note that any tickets obtained from any other source (for example, unauthorised intermediaries such as ticket brokers, internet auctions, internet ticket agents, internet or other unofficial ticket exchange platforms) will not guarantee the ticket holder to enter the stadium or to any refund or further compensation. Upon request from FIFA or the LOC, ticket holders must explain how, from whom, for what consideration and from where they obtained their tickets.

Ticketing booth also open 3 hours before the kick-off of each match depending on the availability left.

Tickets sold to all customers will be made available for purchase in Euros.


It is possible to make payment for the purchase of the tickets by means of the following payment methods:

 ·         Visa payment cards

·         Other accepted payment cards (American Express cards are not accepted)


A secure 3D payment system is used on our ticketing website in order to protect your credit card information.

During the payment stage, your bank should send you a security code by e-mail or text message SMS to confirm the transaction. If you do not receive this code within seconds after filling in entering your credit card data, we kindly request you to contact your bank.


If you are trying to pay online but are receiving an unsuccessful message it could be because your issuing bank is blocking the transaction. Please contact your bank to authorize payment and try to submit the request again. If the situation continues then please contact the customer service including as much information as possible including a screenshot with any specific error message shown, the internet browser you are using, and how many times you have attempted the transaction. If your payment is unsuccessful, no tickets can be allocated to you.

Please note that FIFA and the LOC are not responsible for any SMS sent to you by your payment card issuer informing you of the purchase of tickets or the approval of any expenditure on your payment card. Such communication, not issued by FIFA or the LOC, does not entitle you to receive tickets nor does it represent a ticket confirmation.


No. All ticket prices apply to both adults and children, regardless of the age of a child.

Please click here to view the ticket prices.

Moreover, There is no minimum age for children. A ticket must be purchased for each person who wishes to attend a match, regardless of age.

However, please note that any ticket holder entering the stadium   accompanied by children or adolescents must obtain, carry and present, in addition to their ticket, at any time, upon request of FIFA and/or the LOC, the necessary authorisation from the minor’s parents or legal guardians, as established by the local regulations.





The opening match includes the Opening Ceremony of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019™ and therefore an Opening Match Premium will be added and the ticket price is higher than the price of the tickets for the other group stage matches.

Click on the “LOGIN-REGISTER” button in the top right-hand corner of the website to create a ticketing account.

Please note that a ticketing account is compulsory to be able to place an order.


Click on “Password Forgotten”, which you will find after clicking on “LOGIN-REGISTER” in the top right-hand corner of the official ticketing website.

You will then receive an email with your access code at the email address registered in your ticketing account.

Simply copy/paste the access code, ensuring that no spaces are entered before or after the access code. If this does not work, manually type the access code while paying special attention to special characters as well as lower- and upper-case letters (e.g. FIFA is different to FiFa in the system).


Once you have logged into your ticketing account by clicking on the “LOGIN-REGISTER” button in the top right hand corner of the website, you are able to change your password within the section “MY ACCOUNT” in the top right-hand corner of the page (under the customer service phone number). You can then change your password directly.

Yes, FIFA has the right to fully or partially cancel the tickets purchased by you in case of any violation of the Terms and Conditions (these documents are accessible here), in particular including the unauthorized transfer of tickets, any misrepresentation during the sales process, failures in the payment process or misbehavior inside the stadium. FIFA may exercise such cancellation right regardless of the time when FIFA detects such violation. Furthermore, in case you violate the Terms and Conditions or the Stadium Regulations, your ticket will be automatically cancelled by FIFA, which means you would not be admitted to the stadium or you will be ejected from the stadium if you have entered already. 

Finally, FIFA is entitled to fully or partially cancel your tickets in unforeseen circumstances like the cancellation of a match. In such circumstances you will be entitled to a refund for the price paid to FIFA for the cancelled tickets. No interest, refund or compensation for any other costs or expenses (e.g. travel or accommodation costs) will be paid to you by FIFA. Any refund must be requested by the ticket applicant for himself/herself and his/her guests. A refund may not be requested by a guest.


You may not sell, offer for sale, resell, offer at auctions, donate, act as a commercial agent for another party or otherwise transfer your ticket in any way without the specific prior written consent of FIFA.

Tickets are not to be assigned, it will enable you to transmit them to your guests. 

Tickets can only be put on resale, subject to the applicable terms and conditions.

A resale service is provided for sold out matches. It enables you to put into the resale service one or several of your tickets for these sold out matches.To resell your tickets, click on "MY ORDERS", and then click on "RESELL" for the ticke(s) you wish to resell.

Please note we do not guarantee their resale. A refund will be provided if your tickets are successfully resold; you will be refunded the face value of your tickets minus a transaction fee (commission). The refund will be received a few weeks after the competition.

You can cancel the resale of your tickets at any time before it is sold if you wish to come to the stadium and use it through the section "MY CURRENT RESALES".

The purposes for the rule limiting ticket transfers and resales include (a) event security, (b) consumer protection, (c) avoidance of counterfeit tickets and (d) protection of a fair pricing scheme.


You can download the invoice linked to your order from the “MY ORDERS” page of your ticketing account.

Any order placed is regarded as final and no changes can be made in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

No. However, tickets for seats requested with one ticket application will, wherever possible, be allocated adjacent to one another. Seats assigned to a ticket applicant may be located in different sections, rows or blocks of seats in the stadium.  FIFA and the LOC cannot provide adjacent seats to persons submitting separate ticket applications during different sales phases or for purchases made over the counter at the ticket collection booths.

Please note that this functionality is not guaranteed as it may not be possible to provide adjacent seats to all ticket applications. Wherever possible, the ticket applicants and guests within the same seating group will be seated next to each other.

In any case, please note that any specific seating order cannot be guaranteed. In particular, on match days where remaining ticket inventory is on sale, seats of the same application can also be expected to be located in different areas in the stadium. Please do not expect seats of different applications to be located adjacent to each other.

For information on Companion tickets for disabled people and people with limited mobility, please refer to the Special Access Tickets section here.

No. You will select the category of the required ticket, and we will only assign you a specific seat within the chosen category after the conclusion of the purchase.

No. You will select the category of the required ticket, and we will only assign you a specific seat within the chosen category after the conclusion of the purchase.

If you do not receive a ticket confirmation please check your spam or bulk email folder. If you still cannot find this notification, it is possible that you entered your e-mail address incorrectly in your ticket application.

You also have the ability to check the status of your request at any time within your account.


No notifications by your payment card issuer, bank or further third party are attributable to FIFA or the LOC and, in particular, do not represent a ticket confirmation and do not entitle you to receive a ticket. Please note that FIFA and the LOC are not responsible for any type of notification (e.g. a SMS or e-mail) sent to you by your payment card issuer, bank or further third party informing you of the payment for the purchase of tickets or requesting your approval of any expenditure on your payment card. 

For all successful orders a confirmation e-mail will be sent, or you can always check the status of your order online at the “MY ORDER” section of your ticketing account.

If you have tried to purchase tickets but you have not received any confirmation e-mail and there is no order in the “MY ORDERS” section of your ticketing account, this means that the attempt has not been successful. Be reassured you will not be debited the amount of this attempt. We invite you to try again to book tickets.

For Special Access Ticket applications, please refer to the Special Access Tickets section here.

Your e-tickets will be available in your ticketing account at the section “MY ORDERS” around the second quarter of the year, before the competition.

Please note they must be downloaded and printed before your arrival to the stadium.

The e-tickets cannot be scanned on your smartphone.


Your tickets will be automatically assigned to the ticketing account holder linked to the order. The assignment of tickets is not required. However, please make sure you have read and understood the General Terms and Conditions regarding restrictions on the transfer of tickets.

No, access to the stadium will only be granted upon presentation of your e-ticket, which can be downloaded and printed from your account.

If you have lost your e-ticket you can download it again from your ticketing account, and then print it. Please note if you print several times the same ticket, the first one scanning it at the gates will be able to enter.


Please click here to view and download the official Match Schedule for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™


If you live in a country for which the Republic of France requires a visa, we would like to advise you to submit your visa application by clicking here.

You can find a list of consulates and embassies representing the Republic of France here (only available in French).

Please note, neither FIFA or the LOC are in any way responsible for the issuance of visas.

We would like to inform you that your confirmation e-mail and/or the bill related to your ticket order (available under the « MY ORDERS » section of your ticketing account) could facilitate your visa application.


Catering areas will be available within each stadium of the tournament. However, you will still be able to bring your own food, but please note that cutlery will be regarded as prohibited items.  

No bottles, carafes or cans of all kinds or  other objects made from plastic, glass or in any other fragile material or non-safety glass, may be brought into stadiums, with the exception of FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ collector cups or objects whose medical justification has been duly established. 

Please click here to learn more about prohibited items.


No bottles, carafes or cans of all kinds or  other objects made from plastic, glass or in any other fragile material or non-safety glass, may be brought into stadiums, with the exception of FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ collector cups or objects whose medical justification has been duly established. 



It is prohibited to bring drones into the stadiums or to fly them over the stadiums.

Furthermore, cameras reasonably considered by FIFA and/or the LOC to be for professional use are also prohibited (e.g. lenses over 200mm).  


The personal data will be used and stored accordingly to safety and security measures in connection with the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019™ and to European regulation. The Local Organising Committee of France under the legal entity of Comité local d’organisation des coupes du monde féminines FIFA 2018 et 2019 who has assigned AP2S as the online ticket seller is solely responsible for all transactional and data collection aspects of your purchase for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™. Should you have any questions or cause for complaint about the use of personal data, please contact tickets@loc2019.fr. If the ticket applicant provides specific consent in the ticket application form, his/her personal data may also be used for purposes relating to other products and services of FIFA or third parties determined by FIFA, in connection with commercial activities. This consent can be modified at any time through the ticketing account.

At the FIFA Women's World Cup France™, Visa is the exclusive payment service in stadium. In order to ensure the payment process offers fans the best experience onsite, fans can purchase Visa prepaid cards with non-Visa forms of payment or use cash.

The tournament is a tobacco-free event as a part of FIFA’s long-standing commitment to counter the use of tobacco and its negative impacts. Smoking, vaping and use of any tobacco products is only permitted in outdoor designated smoking areas, if they are made available.  

Please be courteous to your fellow fan and refrain from smoking.


Yes, you are responsible for the behaviour of your guests as much as they are responsible for their own.

You are required to ensure that your guests have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions and the Stadium Regulations.


Gates will open 2 hours  before kick-off. 

If you leave the stadium at any time, you will not be able to re-enter. 

Stadium gates open 2 hours  prior to the kick-off of a match, so consider planning ahead, traveling early and relaxing once you arrive at the stadium so that you can enjoy the match. Please note, that during the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™, public transport systems will be under increased pressure and only limited parking space will be available close to the stadium. At certain times and locations, high demand will increase the time it takes to make a journey. We recommend that you allow plenty of time to travel to venues.

Several parking lots are available. Please note you cannot book your parking in advance.

Public transportation will also lead you to the stadium.


Special Access Tickets (SATs) are a dedicated allocation of tickets for purchase for disabled people and people with limited mobility. There are two types of SATs: 

•Wheelchair user places and 

•Easy-access amenity seats.

Please be courteous to the other fans, and only apply for SATs if you truly require them. They are limited in number due to stadium configuration.

Certain services are reserved only for disabled people or people with limited mobility who hold Special Access Tickets. It is recommended that all disabled people and people with limited mobility apply for Special Access Tickets here to ensure that they can fully enjoy the tournament alongside their fellow spectators.


We invite all ticket applicants applying for a Special Access Ticket to visit the following page and to fill in the dedicated form.

In order to apply for Special Access Tickets please click here to fill in the request form. An order form will be sent to you depending on the availability. 



Ticket applicants for Special Access Tickets will be offered the opportunity to receive one complimentary additional ticket for a companion to assist and accompany them to and during the match, when required (on confirmation of acceptance of the proof of eligibility). The companion will be seated as close as possible to the Special Access Ticketholder. The exact location of the seat cannot be guaranteed. FIFA and the LOC cannot ensure that the seat for the companion will be adjacent to that of the Special Access Ticket customer. Please note that it is not possible to request more than one complimentary ticket per Special Access Ticket.

Disabled people or people with limited mobility who wish to book accessible tickets are required to provide a proof of eligibility upon filling in the request form, at ticket collection and, upon request, at the entrance to the stadium. Failure to provide proof of eligibility may result in the cancellation of the tickets. Tickets are limited in number due to each stadium’s configuration.

Proofs of eligibility include:

•Certificate of degree of disability

•Proof that is commonly and widely accepted in their country of residence

•Medical Certificate

Please note that permits for accessible parking are not accepted as valid proof of eligibility.

In case of any question in relation to the proof of eligibility, please contact the customer service.  You can request more information via the contact form, by email at tickets@loc2019.fr or by phone on +33 (0) 9 70 25 55 55 (free of charge, excluding any additional costs from your phone company)




A limited amount of parking spaces is available to valid special access ticketholders. If the SAT applicant, has interest, please check the appropriate box in the request form. 


Persons with a valid SAT may enter the stadium with an assistance animal as defined by French law. Proof of the animal´s status as an assistance animal shall be presented at the entrance to the stadium, upon request.

Note that relieving stations for animals are not planned for.



The misrepresentation of a disability for the purpose of obtaining a Special Access Ticket represents a violation of the Ticketing General Terms and Conditions of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™. As such, FIFA and/or the LOC reserves the right to cancel such ticket(s) without a refund. FIFA and the LOC also reserve the right to seek other available remedies against the infringer.  

These tickets are only for users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters designed for transportation of people with disabilities or limited mobility. Wheelchairs and scooters shall be equipped with 3 or 4 wheels and shall be no more than 700mm wide and 1300mm long with a turning radius not exceeding 900mm and turning width not exceeding 1500mm. Electric wheelchairs and scooters shall not be able to go above a speed limit of 6 km/h. Wheelchairs and mobility scooters whose parameters do not meet these requirements will be denied entry to the stadium. Please note that no wheelchair will be provided in the stadium. If you require such a seating, you shall have to bring your wheelchair or scooter.

Furthermore special-access amenity seats are for people with limited mobility that are unable to bend their knees or need more room to access their seat using a walking aid or crutches.

Amenity seats also provide extra space for disabled people with assistance dogs. Whenever possible, these seats have minimal step-access.


If you are a group of more than 9 people we invite you to fill in the following form  : 

Please click here.

Our dedicated service will then contact you back.


If you represent a corporation, you may be interested to contact MATCH Hospitality AG to purchase hospitality packages which are made available to corporate customers, more information can be found here.

The Terms and Conditions can be found here as well as when processing your order.

No. As stated in the Terms and Conditions, tickets may not be used for commercial purposes, such as for promotions or advertising activities or used as a price or reward in a competition, sweepstake or incentive programme. For further details, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions.

You can request information not contained in the FAQ via the contact form or by phone on +33 (0) 9 70 25 55 55 (free of charge, excluding any additional costs from your phone company)

The Stadium Regulations can be found here.



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